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What to Do when the Sewerage Clogs


Sewage-Pumping-SystemEveryone uses water in their houses – some people more than others, and the sewerage needs to gather all that used water and sustain all that flux. As you certainly know by now, not all the infrastructure regarding the sewerage is in good condition – some parts of it are very old, and no matter how much the water companies and the providers are working to improve everything, they can’t solve all the situations over night.

Because of this, and because there are so many people who are not careful about what they throw away in the sewers, the sewerage might clog from time to time and you might not be happy with the end result.

Let’s see what you can do not just to prevent clogging the sewerage but also to solve such a situation if you happen to face it.

Preventing It

For your information, you need to know that the sewerage gathers the sewage from the kitchen, your bathroom and even the laundry room. This means that there will be a lot of water down the sewerage – the water you use in the kitchen to wash the dishes and prepare the food, the water that you use for your shower and for the toilet and even the water that is used by the washing machine when you wash your clothes.

This being said, you have to have a secure sewerage for your house to make sure that it sustains all this, and most importantly, you need to make sure that there is nothing that can clog it. All this means is that you are not allowed to throw different items down the toilet or in the kitchen sink. Here are included also the leftovers from lunch or dinner or small pieces that can’t dissolve in water. There’s a good reasons why the water companies always advice homeowners to pay attention to how they use their sinks in both kitchen and bathroom.

Remember that you can also clog the sewerage with hair – if you have long hair and you brush it in the sink or in the shower, everything that falls from your hair can make a fur-ball and clog the sewerage. Because of this, you need to be careful when you brush your hair in the morning, when you shave and even when you wash the dishes – throw everything from the plate into the garbage can and then you can wash the dishes in the dishwasher or directly in the sink.

What to Do if the Sewerage Is Clogged

p6270132If this accident happens, it’s better to call a professional to solve your problem. There are specialized companies that can do this, and you can’t even try to solve it alone. Sometimes, the water provider that you have in your area will be able to give you an advice on who to call in case of emergency – they might have a specialized department that takes care of this, or they might give you the number of another company who can do this.

In either way, it’s important to stop using the water until someone comes and sees where the pipes are clogged. That’s their specialty – they have special equipment and they can check all the pipes that are getting out of your house to the bigger sewerage pipes. Usually, this is solved with very big water pressure, so don’t even imagine that it’s easy to de-clog. However, you also need to pay attention not to throw anything in the sewers – it’s not good for your pocket and it’s also not good for how your utilities will be working from now on.


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