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How to Save Money on the Water Bills


25100-200Everyone loves a good shower in the morning, and as you already know, the water is one of the most important utilities that you can have in a house. That’s why the water company is so important and you need to have a contract with your provider for using the water in your house.

However, many people pay a lot of money on the water bill and they don’t know exactly how to cut the costs with this utility. We’ve got some experience with this and we’re going to tell you the best tips for cutting down the expenses and what to do to save some money on the water bill.

When You Move House

When you move into a new house, you’ll have to notify the water company about the change of address, no matter if you have the same water provider or a different one. In each case, you’ll have to call them and ask to make a new contract for the new address, because that is the place where you will be paying your utility bills now.

Apart from this, it’s even better to ask them to install a water meter – this will count exactly how much water you use in a month, and you can ask them to come and read the water meter or you can give them the reading at a set date every month. This will help you pay exactly for what you use, without paying a larger sum of money as it usually happens when you don’t have a water meter – the payment for this is usually based on an estimation according to the number of people living at that address.

Saving Water

Once you’ve installed a water meter, it’s also the right time to learn how to save the water instead of using it too much. First of all, think about when you need to wash – it’s cheaper and much faster to take a shower instead of taking a bath in the tub. This will also help you have a fresh start each morning, not to mention that the water bill will decrease.

Apart from this, thewater-and-sewer-clipart-1re are plenty of other tricks that you can use for saving water. If you have a garden, don’t leave the hose running all day long to water the flowers. Choose a few days of the week, and water the plants in the evening. You can use a watering can to do this – it will help you use less water than with a hose and you will also control where exactly you let the water flow.

There is also something else that you can do – don’t wash the car with the water from your house. Take the car to a car-cleaning facility, and even if you do pay some money, it will be better cleaned and it won’t affect you water bill.

The Appliances

The appliances in your house could also help you save the water and reduce the water bill. First of all, there are smarter faucets that use sensors – the water will flow only when it detects something underneath it – you can use such a faucet at your bathroom sink, and you can use a regular faucet in your kitchen sink. Apart from this, the shower head can also help you save some water. There are some beautiful shower heads that can imitate the rain, and this is exactly how they are called – “rain shower heads”. Not only do they look luxuriant in any bathroom, but this will also help you use less water – you won’t use the shower so much as with a regular type of shower head. If you are looking for a company who could you help out we recommend Yorkshire Water. Give the Yorkshire Water contact number a call to if you need any help.

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