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How to Pick a Bath for Two

bath for two

What could be more pleasant than a cozy evening after a hard day's work, spent in the warm water and silence of the bathroom? But how to spend an evening in the company of a loved one? Modern interior ideas allow you to combine a pleasant bathing procedure and communication with a loved one, for in such a case the designers have developed and implemented the idea - baths for two.

Forms and sizes

We are all accustomed to the standards that a bath can only be rectangular. Well, as a maximum, in the shape of an ellipse. But manufacturers now offer such an abundance of different forms that an unprepared consumer will have obvious difficulties of choice. Of course, it will be most comfortable to take the procedures in a large bath. It is difficult to tell about all possible variations, but the most common ideas for bathing for two are worthwhile.

So, double baths can be of the following shapes:


If the size of your bathroom allows it, then this option will be very good. In a normal bath, the width is a maximum of 80 cm, the bath for two will not be less than 1 m. On average, their width can reach up to 1.5 m.

A small bathroom can accommodate such beauty, but you need free space in your bathroom. If you consider that the floor and walls may be wet, there is a risk of injury. The standard dimensions of a two-seater rectangular bathtub are 190x120 cm, therefore, the bathroom size of 6 square meters will clearly be cramped.

Corner bath

This option is more advantageous. Corner baths allow you to save space, plus, they have a comfortable fit. Even with the small size of the bathroom, you can be sure that the corner bathtub is likely to fit everywhere. The only "but" is that you can only take a sitting position it. However, for two, it is not such a big drawback, especially since such baths have very comfortable handrails on the sides.

“2 in 1”

Not quite the common option, combining two baths at the same time. It is very convenient to take water procedures in such a bath, and it doesn’t take as much space in comparison with a rectangular one.


As a rule, they are equipped with a hydromassage system and have streamlined shapes and flowing lines. Some manufacturers supplement the oval models with illumination, headrests and even a table.

How to choose:

Choosing a double bath is much more difficult than a regular one. When choosing a bath, pay attention to the following:

  • The size of the room.
  • Consider not only your preferences, but also of the other person, because you are choosing a bath for two, and not for one.
  • Consider your financial capabilities while choosing a bath for two. Taking this into account, decide in advance, do you need additional head restraints, a hydro massage system, a special bottom coating? They aren’t free.
  • You must understand that taking water procedures together is not a way of saving water, but a joint pastime. By the way, with respect to water consumption it is difficult in general to talk about saving money with a bath for two, since they are a lot bigger, than regular ones.
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