Our Story so far:

The BUTTRIO FOLK CLUB is a non-profit cultural association whose aim is the promotion of international folk, ethnic and acoustic music through concerts, workshops and other initiatives in the Friuli – Venezia Giulia region.

The BFC was founded in 1990 by Valter Colle, Nicola Cossar, Andrea Del Favero, Fabrizio Durì and Marco Miconi for the heartfelt need of providing an all-year-round continuity of folk initiatives in addition to the big summer festival “Folkest” (concentrated in July only) and for the absence of a real folk club in the Region.

The venue was set in a restaurant in Buttrio (then called “At Mutilato”, later “Ca di Balin” and now “Madelsa”), placed at our disposal by the then proprietor, Fabrizio Durì; he was the first president of the Folk Club, but unfortunately he died of leukemia before his time, in 1996. His brother, Vincenzo Durì took up presidency at that difficult time and in 1999 he handed on the baton to Marco Miconi, the present president.

In the Buttrio venue our musical efforts concentrated in the first years with occasional forays, but the greatly increased demand for concerts, the agreement for the concerts organized and the desire to promote folk music all over the territory have taken our concerts to over 40 municipalities in our Region so far. The fundamental aim of the Club remains the same, anyway, if nothing as if else for the atmosphere and the rapport between the artists and the audience (the concerts at the Club are always free and open to everybody, both members and not).

The numebr of annual members has always been over 100 (subscriptions)

Besides the great number of individually acknowledged international artists who have performed for the BFC (They’ve played for us), let’s remember some particularly meaningful projects of our past and present history, such as the numerous nights entitled “My band plays folk music” and “The flower and the nettle”, dedicated to the artists from our Regionand recorded on two Cds, the concert seasons “Natale in Musica a Tavagnacco” dedicated to Christmas international folk music (since 1997), “Gospel Canto Divino” dedicated to spirituals and Gospel music (since 1999), “St. Patrick’s Festival” dedicated to ‘Celtic’ music (since 1999), “NordSudEstOvest: Quanta Musica!” dedicated to the music of faraway countries, from Asia to Africa and South America (since 2000), as well as specific projects connected with topical subjects such as “Il Viaggio di Sigerico” (2000) for the new millennium or the concert and convention on the singer-songwriter, on the third anniversary of Fabrizio De Andrè’s death.



New important iniatives are are being prepared…