This CD is dedicated to the memory of Fabrizio Durì, first president of the Buttrio Folk Club, died before his time on May 3rd 1996.

When, six years ago, we decided to found the Buttrio Folk Club we would have never imagined that in such a short time it would not only become an indispensable meeting place for folk fans from all over the Region, but also one of the Italian small concert venues most liked by international musicians (so they said themselves) for the atmosphere and the informed involvement of the audience.
Even more surpriseingly we discovered that in our Region there are so many talents not only playing quality folk music, but also writing and singing music which –when not traditional- is anyway deeply rooted in a popular culture, be it Friulian, European or what ever.
And so, side by side with long established local folk bands, in this CD there are other more recent (but ready) bands who have showed themselves in the two annual series of concerts “My band plays folk music”, promoted within the Buttrio Folk Club’s activity and open also to non-Friulian folk such as klezmer, Indian or Central-American music.
It is a message of universality, of hope, of welcome we can testify today thanks to the availability of so many regional musicians, to the support of Udine Province and Buttrio Town Council and, above all, to the Durì family who, with enthusiasm, opened the doors of their restaurant to us, making it the seat of our Folk Club.

(Buttrio Folk Club, 1999)